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Some of us have been busy diving into the archives of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad library. Did you know that their museum is the largest railroad museum in the country? We've discovered quite a few photographic gems, and have recently introduced a series of magnets that feature locomotives, both steam and streamlined, using images from the B&O collection. Check out a few right here or type in B&O in the search box to see them all and, look for jigsaw puzzles to come!

Date: June 6, 1948
This B&O Steam Locomotive #4320, 2-8-2 Class Q-1c, was built in September of 1913 by Baldwin Locomotive Works and eventually scrapped in June of 1951. In this photo, the locomotive crosses the Georgetown Branch Bridge on June 6, 1948.

This is a bird's eye view of the turntable inside the B&O Railroad Museum's 1884 Roundhouse. The Museum's Roundhouse, originally constructed as a passenger car shop, was designed by noted architect, E. Francis Baldwin. Fully enclosed, it was the largest circular industrial building in the world when completed, covering more than an acre of ground and rising 125 feet into the air!

This B&O Streamlined Steam Locomotive (#5302 "President Jefferson") was a 4-6-2 Class P-7 built in February of 1927 by Baldwin Locomotive Works. It was rebuilt, streamlined and converted to Class P-7 in 1946 and subsequently retired in 1956.